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As B2B Travel Supplier Sri Holidays specializes in inbound group travel services, creating and delivering unique and truly memorable group programs to Sri Lanka, The Maldives, India, Thailand, Indonesia and Cambodia for your clients.

If your travel related business is interested in becoming one of our partners and being exposed to our international client base, speak to our team to discover how we can work together.

Whether you are a hotel, transport provider, tour guide, visitor attraction, restaurant or venue, we welcome the opportunity to work together with you to deliver memorable holidays and excellent customer service to our fast growing B2B Travel Supplier client base.
Please browse the Sri Holidays B2B Travel Supplier pages or contact us directly. More information about using Sri Holidays as B2B Travel Supplier can be found below.


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B2B Travel Supplier

Sri Holidays as your Asia B2B Travel Supplier for Asia

We at Sri Holidays are proud of our fantastically talented staff which has helped us build an award-winning business over the past 25+ years. We work with a brilliant team of providers to create unique and memorable group tours catering for a diverse range of ages, special interests and nationalities across the world.

Stable, long-term relationships help us deliver wonderful holiday experiences and we are continually looking for new partners to work with us. We love to work with allocations, preferred partner status, and also to develop new added value deals exclusive to Sri Holidays.

Our team of professional contractors believes in taking time to understand your product and in turn explain how Sri Holidays works. We will be on hand to support and assist you every step of the way.

Sri Holidays Benelux – Our Representative

Sri Holidays has appointed Mr. Peter Deblieck and his company Valies-Uniek / Azië Charme Reizen as representative for all Benelux countries. Peter has lived and traveled in Asia for over 25 years and has been working the majority of his career in tourism as a travel agent, tourleader, and product manager.

Peter Deblieck
Peter is responsible for creating special travel products and for tailoring guided tours to client specifications. Driven by his passion for off-the-track travel, he is constantly on the hunt for new and imaginative Sri Lanka Experiences.

In Azië kan je mysterieuze culturen leren kennen, de ongerepte natuur intrekken, de gastvrije bevolking ontmoeten en samen de Oosterse keuken ontdekken. Die wondere wereld wil ik graag delen met jou.
Peter Deblieck

Mobile/WhatsApp: +94 773 866 315

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